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Mozilla Sunbird - calendar creation software full of options
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Mozilla Sunbird is a calendar creation software, that allows the user to arrange the way the calendar is shown and works, to fit his (her) needs.
Very clear user interface to set the display mode: day, week, multiweek or month. Events, tasks, alarms, reminders, etc. can be added in every day contents, and the application trace all of them away for advising, time ahead, of the incoming happenings.

Events are classified by categories (anniversary, birthday, call, customer, holiday, etc.) and can be set for appearing daily and be repeated every day, every week, etc.

Tasks are also classified by categories and status (in progress, done, cancelled, etc.) and also can be repeated.

Calendar files can be exported as their own format (.ics) and also as web files (.html) or Comma Separated Values (.csv). In addition, the created calendar can be uploaded (published) directly from the application.

The Options window allows the user to adjust different parameters and settings, such as date format, all the alarm adjustements, define the various categories, the way the calendar is displayed, times of the day for begining and ending, time zone, password, Internet connection, updates for the application and the addons, etc.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Many options for every part of the calendar design. User interface very easy to use. Automatic updates from its home web page


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